June 1 recap

Today was a great day –

Chumash: how far we have come this year. In the beginning of the year, the students needed me to get them to learn new information. Now they are learning study skills. First, I had the students cover the English in their linear for pesukim כה-ל, read it and underline any words they didn’t know. Then we identified the עבר,הווה,עתיד and the שם גוף (pronoun) for all the verbs in pesukim לא-לה. We started to learn the pesukim but quickly got sidetracked by some very interesting discussions of the pesukim and Lavan and whether yaakov and Rochel had spoken lashon hara. Every student participated and were responding to each other about the topic. I can’t wait to see this group when they can learn on their own. There will be no holding
them back.
Improve study skills, word attack skills, listening and responding to peers

For parsha, we did the rabbi balsam sheets for naso .

Word Find: http://www.scribd.com/doc/95720126/Naso-Word-Find
Rabbi Balsam for Parshas Naso: http://www.scribd.com/doc/95720128/Naso-Sheets#page=1

We then filled out the chart of which korbanos each nasi brought. I have learned that karbonos are interesting for little kids if you make it concrete. Plus, after yaakov and his sheep, my class knew what עתודים ואילים are. Here is the board example of our chart.
Goal: make a very abstract part of Torah clear, motivation, graphic organizer

And the chart before it was filled in

I then showed the class my parsha cakes from a few years ago. One student went home and made some with his family.