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In today’s busy world, how does a woman nourish herself, her family, and her society? Juggle her multiple roles and prioritize at each stage of life based on her values? Attain personal and professional accomplishments while living a life rooted in a deep faith in G-d? Ensure that her daily life reflects her deeply held beliefs?

In this fascinating work, these questions are addressed. Readers will study the text of Eishes Chayil and come to an understanding of its wisdom and relevance. They will examine the lives of great Jewish women highlighted by the Midrash on Eishes Chayil and learn how to apply the lessons to life. Finally, they will have the opportunity to reflect, using guided questions geared toward women in different stages of life. In this empowering work, women will discover themselves and learn how the Torah helps each woman chart her own course. In this powerful work, readers will be inspired — and grow.

About the Author:

Shira Hochheimer has been educating woman and girls of all ages for over 15 years. She is passionate about empowering women to find more fulfillment in their lives by learning Torah. She has been a Rebbetzin in Rochester, NY and is now in a leadership role for girl’s Jewish education in Baltimore, Md. Her proudest accomplishment is her role as a wife and mother of five.

Approbations :

“Fluent, interesting, and informative…I am truly impressed with…this magnificent tapestry…I highly recommend this work as a true Torah perspective on the essence of the true eishes chayil.” Rabbi Zev Leff

“Strong in its Torah analysis…thoroughly grounded in the realities of life.“ Rabbi Ahron Shraga Lopiansky

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