April 25 recap

Tefillah: We reviewed the  idea that ה’  gives us  eternal עולם הבא for the smallest Mitzva. I asked the students what was their easiest Mitzvah. One said tzitzis, another shouted out “I love You, Hashem” etc.

Today, we spoke about all the praises we give ה’ at the end of ברוך שאמר. This is based on an idea I found on a great website Praying With Fire –
http://www.prayingwithfire.org/images/Newsletter52.pdf .

  1. Ask each student how he would describe his grandmother in 1 word.
  2. Get a big list
  3. Asked would this word be enough to praise her if she was being praised at a dinner?
  4. How would you describe her at a dinner? (Many words)
  5. With Hashem, we praise ה’ many ways and still can’t fully appreciate His greatness.

Review: During ברוך שאמר we paused when we said  ברוך שכר טוב ליראיו , closed our eyes, and imagined that Hashem is putting away all our enjoyment in עולם הבא.

Chumash:  Review: First, we reviewed yesterday’s pesukim. I read the translation incorrectly and the class had to correct them. is a little bit of a change. Then we did a worksheet that had the same words with different endings. The kids worked in self chosen groups and some worked with me.

פסוקים יט-כד – We learned פסוק יט by looking in Onkelos.
We learned the content of the Rashi’s
We were running really short on time so we filled out the linear translation for pesukim כ-כב.
Best questions of the day: Why did יוסף’s naming have a different structure?


Ivrit: Today we went back to using our text for the year Mikra’ah Migdalor Part II

1. I wrote the hard words that were in red on the board and using pictures, acting and other hebrew words got the kids to translate them. The students wrote the english of the words they needed over the hard words.
The story was a dialogue, so I split up the parts and had 4 different kids read the story. The exercise in the book was on חשב ש. . .

2. The students wrote sentence about what each one thought. By making the work more personal, they were more involved in the activity.
3. Students shared their sentences

4. We did the workbook exercises orally.

Limudei Kodesh.  We finally  read the story in hebrew about the students of Rabbi Akiva a great series called מעגל השנה written by צ רוזנברג. It is a 4 volume set on the Jewish year that was adapted to the English series Round and Round the Jewish year by Feldheim.

Tomorrow is going to be a busy day – the Rosh chodesh store (a few days late because of technical difficulties, review for the Chumash test on Friday, gedolim, finishing up halachos of Sefira.