April 26 recap

It will be a busy day

Intro: let the kids know the modified schedule.
Tefillah: We went straight into davening

Chumash:  Review: 
Shorashim – kids act out shorashim
Game – Prep: Filled a bag with yellow, orange and green papers.
Put kids in two lines in front of the felt boards for two teams
Round 1: Each kid put their hand in a bag and picked out a colored paper. They had to choose a flashcard from the felt board and translate. They had to identify the names (in orange). For the Imahos, they had to list their sons. For the Shevatim, they had to list the reason for their names. They write their name on a piece of paper and put it in my raffle box which will be picked next week.
Round 2: Each kid got 1 orange, 2 yellow and 1 green paper to “spend” They wrote down their initials first
on the papers. They went down the line and got to choose a word and try to translate.

Activities we didn’t get to: Chavrusa time: Half the students move their chairs to inside of the U of desks facing a classmate. They take turns reading the hebrew, and their classmate translates into English. They switch for the next pasuk. After a buzzer rings after two minutes, everyone in the inner circles moves over one seat leaving their chumashim on the desk. I poll to see which pasuk everyone is up to and take the average. They read the pasukim with their new partner until the buzzer sounds.  If there are an odd number of students, the teacher gets to be a partner. Otherwise, I walk around and join different groups.

Gedolim unit: Chazon Ish – Many of my biographies were chosen because a student or a sibling was named after a gadol. I have a student name Avraham Yeshaya and it is his turn to be featured. PDF of biography

The Store: I give out Tip-Top dollars every day if certain objectives are met. Students also get paid for certain extras – such as learning over Yom Tov, davening over vacation, saying tehillim at home, and doing independent enrichment work. Every other Rosh Chodesh, we have a store. where they can pay for various prized. Today was the store – I had a student finish the whole sefer tehillim so he really raked it in!