April 30 recap

Intro: Give out these worksheets as a conclusion to ברוך שאמר –


New Unit: Yaakov earning his own sheep by outsmarting  Lavan
Pre Perek Prep: Part 1 – without the binder for help
Part 2 – with the binder for help
Differentiation: Enrichment – kids who finish all words hang up cards
Remediation – Kids who don’t know Part 1 words look up in binder
Other Remediation – Only do half of the words in Part 2, if they look familiar

Other Prep: The rest of this perek is dependant on understanding what are the goats and sheep referring to.
We will  color and label the goats on this worksheet.

Pirkei Avos: We didn’t get a chance to do the individual projects for Perek 2 on Friday because of the test. Better late than never! (This bombed – the kids couldn’t draw figures by copying from the board. Note to self- draw the people first! or teach them to draw using a grid)

Ivrit:  From Mikraa Migdalor, p75-76. A nice unit on greetings and introductions. We will practice some greetings, read the story. If time, we will write a journal entry about ourselves. (This was somewhat of a bore. I hate reading literature from a book. Next time, after putting the words on the board, I’m going to try having the students read the story on their own with a friend and then write up their own introduction of themselves.)