Chumash Test Prep

I am very excited about a recent innovation. Before the latest Chumash test, I sent a  letter to the parents to help them help their kids study. I got great feedback, the students felt successful when they came into the test and best yet – their scores went up – showing real learning had taken place!


ערב שבת,  פרשת שמות
Dear Parents,

This Wednesday, there will be a test on ________________________. Here are some ideas how to study for the test

Test section How to study Checklist
Translate phrases Review the פסוקים. Can I translate the Pesukim without the linear translation sheets?Which phrases do I need to review?
עַל מִי נאמר Ask Who & What questions about the phrases. When there is a pronoun, can I say who that pronoun in referring to?
מִי אָמַר לְמִי When someone is talking, pay attention who is talking. Use previous pesukim for help Can I say who is talking and to whom
What phrase in the פָּסוּקִים says . . . Summarize the phrases in your own words Can I summarize the phrases in the פָסוּק  in my own words
שרשים Study flash cards. Which ones don’t I know?
רש”י’s question Review the רש”י sheets. Do I know why Rashi is making a comment? That is Rashi’s question. What is Rashi’s explanation of the דִיבּוּר הַמַתְחִיל?

If you have any questions, please call me. I’m always happy to help!

Mrs. Hochheimer

I read this note with my child, and my child understands how to study for a  Chumash test.

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