Chumash tip: Inner Outer Reviews

Inner/outer reviews are a great way to review a perek of learning.

The desks in my class are set up as a U. Every other student takes his chair puts it on the inside of the U. He sits with his chumash facing his neighbor facing . I set my stopwatch for 2 minutes. The outer student reads the hebrew, the inner student translates. If either of them don’t know a word, they put a light pencil dot next to the word. After two minutes, the timer beeps (or quacks in my case). I poll the class about what was the average pasuk completed. I reset my timer and we start from that pasuk with the inner student reading and the outer student translating. After two minutes the inner student gets up and moves to the left. They now have a new partner with whom to read,

If the class has an odd partner, I am the partner. This gives me a chance to test a number of students on both reading and translating