online games for common shorashim Level 1

I made these online games a few years ago – they are arcade style games to learn the top 125 shorashim. I don’t teach this way anymore because I like to teach shorashim in context only but it might be a good review for the middle of the year. students.


Shorashim Common List 1 
אכל- eat, אמר- say, אסף- gather, בוא- come, בנה- build, ברך- bless, דבר- speak, היה- was, הלך- go, ידע- know, יכל- able, ילד- birth, יסף- add, יצא- go out, ירא- fear, ירד- go down, ישב- sit, כלה- finish, כרת- destroy, לקח- take, מות- die, מלא- fill, מצא- find, נפל- fall, נשא- carry, נתן- give, עבר- pass, עלה- go up, עמד- stand, ענה- answer, עשה- make, פקד- count,remember, צוה- command, קום- Get up, ראה- see, שים- put, שלח- send, שמע- listen, שתה- drink