Pirkei Avos – Lesson 1

I am teaching Pirkei Avos to a 3/4 mix of girls while the 3/4 boys learn Yuma. Thursdays is a double period with lunch in between.

First two lesson:

Intro: Think of different people in your life. Grandparents, teacher, come up with things they say.
Draw a picture and put in speech bubble what they are saying in bubble. Draw someone famous – what is in their speech bubble?

Explain connection to Pirkei Avos.

Why write Pirkei Avos?
Who are the Avos? Where do we learn about our 3 Avos? Why are those stories in Torah?

What are Pirkei Avos? What does words mean? Who are the Avos there?

What is Mishna?
What is Mishna?  Great intro chapter from online gemara workbook
Why is Pirkei Avos in Mishna?
When was the Mishna written? why would Pirkei Avos be so important to include at this time?
What section of Mishna should it be in?   Which section is it in?

דרך ארץ קדמה לתורה?