Teaching shorashim: Before a unit

Before a new unit (1/2 perek – whole perek)
a) the students try to translate every word/root/prefix/suffix on the PPP (pre-Perek-Prep) as they can.     I divide each section into 2-3 levels so the students can always feel mastery over a section. This mastery gives them confidence as well something for which to strive.  Pre Perek Prep for פרק ל.

b) they look up the rest on the reference sheets in the front of their binder.  Vayeitzei Shorashim List  Vayeitzei Noun Word List Binyanim charts

c) the students put flashcards for each word on large felt pieces.

Orange is for verbs
Yellow is for common nouns and adjectives. When the whole class has these mastered, they get put away.
Green- hard words or new words.

As we learn the pesukim, the students put the cards in the pesukim up on top.

These cards can be used for review games of all kinds

We are now ready to get to the fun part – exploring, debating and discussing the text