Wednesday, May 16 recap

Chumash: test – I read recently that easy tests give as much information about the students’ knowledge as long tests. I made what I thought was a pretty easy test. Sure enough, the grades were pretty similar to my harder, longer tests. I included more application questions and the students had to illustrate some of the pesukim from the test.

After the test, I had the students do some independent work. Th objective was for them to learn how to find a pasuk in the chumash. They chose the order of the exercises they wanted to do:

1. Find pasuk – This exercise teaches students how to analyze a pasuk so they can narrow down where it will be
2. Find pasuk without clues This activity did not include the hints.
3. PPP for פרק לא
4. Organize the felt boards – Students who finished their work got to alphabetize and sort the words from the perek based on easy, medium and hard.
Limudei Kodesh: I asked the students what stories they knew about Matan Torah. Then I filled in the rest of the medrashim I felt were important. I told the stories in hebrew to add an Ivrit listenng part to the lesson.