Wednesday, May 23 recap

Tefilla – רצון יראיו יעשה – I asked if they would rather be the pawn or the king on the chess board – we have a choice which we will be based on how much we do of Hashem’s will, The more we listen to Hashem’s will, the more important we are in Hashem’s plan. Also check out Rav Hirschs explanation of the two goats on yom kippur

Clean up time – guests were coming and so the kids straightened up a bit.

Chumash / just the highlights – יח-כא I drew shorashim as pictures ג זז= two letters crossed to make a air of scissors, נהג- The נ lead the other letters . Kids looked for hard words first.

Ivrit – read story and asked comprehension questions after each line without translating . Most kids got the gist of the story and could answer the questions easily.

I had to leave for the last 45 minutes of class. I wrote a list of assignments for the class to do either as a group or as individuals. When I came back the next day, the class was very excited about their independent learning. The key with this work is that it is not busy work. They do the best they can, they have to think while doing it, and it builds on knowledge they have or have access to.

1.  I had the students fill in – A workbook on Shavuos by Rivkah Kessler found on  We had reviewed most of the information as a class so this was a chance to review what we had discussed orally. I chose not to fill in the worksheets as a class because I found that gets boring quickly. The students learned what information they had learned, and what they stll needed to learn.  The more advanced students filled in the hebrew section, the other students filled in the English section.
2. Chayeinu – Pages regarding the Aseres Hadibros and the shalosh regalim.
3. Chumash homework.