Welcome to my class!

This year, Baruch HaShem, I’ve been super busy teaching and learning with my class – but not updating the blog so I’d like to invite all my blog readers into my class.

I am very fortunate to have a wonderful co teacher who makes the classroom so inviting. Much of the homey atmosphere is from her hard work

Since it is December, I unfortunately don’t have the welcoming door decor that greeted the students for the first few months

View from the front of the room


Side of the room Word Wall – This year yellow is שרשים, orange is Level 1 words and Green is level 2 words. We change the words based on the perek we are learning and use the cards for games and activities.
Next to the word wall, עבר reference both in common conjugation and with ו ההיפוך.


Homey work area on the other side of the room. The vase is full of seasonal, aromatic flowers, and the tablecloth is changed based on the season.  The table has books displayed based on current themes being learned.


Entrance to the room with calendar and daily schedule, and classroom jobs. The ball is there for a quick review game when needed.


Back of the Room – an awesome project that makes the whole room come alive – each kid does a self portrait under the expert direction of my co-teacher. Next to the self portraits is the class star chart which earned class prizes.
Our new class rug with the continents. I use it for so many lessons and kids love to work on it using clipboards to write.
Never waste a single inch of space. I write on the windows using window markers and crayons information that I want to be able ot hide during tests. This year, I have include hebrew prefixes and suffixes.
Bulletin board for tefillah, every day I ask a reflective question that relates to a specific tefillah and put the student’s answers on the back board
Our SMART board! As well as Hoveh signs, and signs when to stop for trop


Atid conjugations plus the ו ההיפוך, and a great bulletin board that includes photos of the class. The photos add a very important element to the class feeling.
I hope you enjoyed the tour!