First Day of School 2012

Well, tomorrow is the first day of school. The class room is all set up with a new tefillah bulletin board.

I can’t imagine I’ll have a ton of time to post but in brief  – this year I’ll be teaching Pirkei Avos to a 3/4 Girls mix in addition to regular learning.

Tomorrow’s lesson plan is . . . Drum roll please

  1. Welcome! Students fill “All About Me”
  2. בקר טוב
    Routine (on desk siddur and pencil ready for tefilla lesson)
  3. תפילה – outloud with chazzan per tefilla
  4. Putting away Supplies
  5. Practice getting into group tables from U
  6. חומש – With group come up with events, people, places and numbers learned about last year
  7. חגים – with a different group using chayenu as a reference, put the months in order, glue holidays on to back of month names
  8. Class Meeting – with Mrs. Stoll
    1. develop class rules and charter
    2. behavior system
    3. homework
    4. binder
  9. Set up binders with Sheet Protectors
    1. Class Schedule
    2. Classmate List & Phone #s
    3. School Year Schedule
    4. Hebrew Letter – Print, Script, Rashi Reference
    5. Trop Signs 
    6. Avar, Hoveh, Atid Reference
    7. Prefix/Suffix Reference
    8. Chayei Sarah verbs
    9. Chayei Sarah nouns
  10. Homework 
    1.  Parent Letter
    2. Welcome Questionnaire
    3. Welcome letter Judaics
    4. Read Perek 23, pesukim 1-5, don’t translate
    5. look up 16 words in binder for homework