April 23 plans

I know I won’t have time to keep this daily blogging up but a few more posts won’t kill me.

A. Tefillah time – It’s Rosh Chodesh! So we will not have much time for the pre tefillah talks since the boys daven with the older boys and the girls join the older girls to sing hallel.

B. Chumash: פרק ל:ט-יד: translationThese pesukim have some difficult words with the continuation of the birth of the shevatim. Before the class – review who has been born, reason for the names. See if students can remember all shevatim and with partner remember reason for names.

Then we will do our “note taking” system. We will look at a pasuk, write down hard words, read Pasuk, and then at then end of 2 pesukim, each student will read those pesukim to himself 2x quietly.

Post learning – Why is Leah so happy?
Why did does it not say that זלפה was pregnant.

C: Rosh Chodesh Video: DHR had a great video presentation on bullying today from Torah UMesorah – It was a short story acted most ably by a few yeshiva students. The kids were spell bound. The movie led to a great springboard conversation about having witnessed bullying (who knew they had so much to say!), what could make a bully, who is considered a bully. This was an hour of time well spent.

D. Limudei Kodesh. 

We finished reading the Rabbi Akiva story and answered questions

Homework: Review of Perek so far