Mishkan pop-up model

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This was a very cool Parsha lesson for any parsha having to do with the mishkan. All it takes is 3 8 x14 pieces of paper, some colored pencils, glue, and scissors.  I like projects that won’t increase tuition costs.

Figure out if you want this to be a fine-motor skill building exercise. if yes, just hand out the 3 sheets and have the students cut. If not, cut out the shapes because kids with weak fine motor skills can slow things down a lot for this project.


PDF – Complete Instructions and Mishkan Model Using 3 sheets of legal size paper, a pair of scissors, and a bit of glue anyone can  create a scale model of the mishkan. The complete instructions are on  page 1 & 2 of the PDF

Step 1: Print off the first two pages double sided on legal paper & the second two pages each on its own legal paper.

Step 2: Color both sides of the pages according to the instructions. The parts that are labeled blue, red, purple, and gold are for the fabric made of 6 threads of red, 6 threads of blue, 6 threads of purple and 1 thread of gold.

Step 3: Cut out on the black lines,  and follow the directions for folding

Step 4: Glue 

Step 5: Sharpen creases and bend down the curtains.


Step 6: Add the three layers of the mishkan

To store: Put the three covering underneath the base, flatten the curtains and vessels and fold down flat