At first the name of this blog was was Chinuch Thoughts. Now it is Chinuch ENERGY! I decided the vision for this blog had to change. I was going to write my thoughts and ideas about the chinuch world. Then I realized that there are so many people doing that already. Every crises that gets written about online and in the papers has the following words halfway through the discussion: SCHOOLS SHOULD . . . I’m a teacher so that when it says SCHOOLS SHOULD it means me or my overworked principal or my dedicated colleagues. when I see Yoni can’t get married, feel religiously passionateRead More →

It’s a week after school let out and I realized in all the excitement I didn’t post anything online. So I will hit the highlights of an awesome end of school year. Things really came together in a big way. Monday June 11 The General Studies teacher, a parent, an aide and I took the kids to Corning Museum of Glass. Mrs. S. is an awesome teacher. Back in January, the kids wrote her persuasive letters about what they would like changed in the classroom. One student wanted to go on a field trip. She helped the class organize an ice cream sale and they raisedRead More →

We all remember September 11 and where we were when the world we knew was shattered. I remember September 11 as the bookend of a terrible year. A year earlier, on September 28, 2000, I was on a number 2 bus going to my job in the Old City when Israeli soldiers boarded. They shouted at us to quickly get off the bus for our own safety. Ariel Sharon had visited the Temple Mount and the second Intifada started. There were raised voices and pushing as I walked to work under the watchful eyes of armed soldiers. Outside my office, I could hear clashes betweenRead More →

This past week, there was a tragedy in Klal Yisrael. A young boy was murdered by a member of our community. We were all profoundly and sincerely shocked.  Ten thousand people came to a funeral and countless others listened to the funeral over the phone. If you listen to the news reports and read the news stories it was not only the Jewish community who were shocked. The whole of New York City has been mourning. Bill Ritter from ABC news filed this news report: I went to the Kletzky home in Borough Park this morning to visit the family. I was honored that theyRead More →

I already have a blog That blog was devoted to things I do at home to teach my kids Torah. In my professional life, I teach. I have taught Tanach, Machshava and Ivrit in high school for 10 years and am teaching 3rd grade this year.   It is true that Chinuch is always written about as a calling, a mission, an opportunity to reach the next generation and teach them Torah. But it is also a job. To do a job well, you got to know what you are doing, to reflect on what works and what doesn’t.  This is what this blog isRead More →