Friday May 11 recap

What happens when you cross Lag B’Omer, two days of Color War and a late night barbeque with a ball game on a beach?

Very tired kiddos.  During davening, I got the rhythm going and let the students clap, bang and stamp to the beat in davening. They were louder than normal but at least they weren’t asleep.

We reviewed some pesukim, learned another pasuk, and then came parsha time.

A few years ago, I had made up a fictional story about a kohein named Shmeryl Cohen and his life. He almost marries a divorcee (gasp!), he has visions of angels, he is a zookeeper and mashiach comes during his life.  The story is written on a first grade level which was perfect to keeping the humor and good cheer going in the classrom.. We also learned about the holidays, the need to make a kiddush Hashem, and the Megadef.

I gave out perek 4 from Pirkei Avos for some extra learning over Shabbos.