May 14 recap

Tefillah: Review concepts by asking students to say first max three word that comes to mind (after raising hand) for each line of Ashrei I say out loud.
Bchol Yom = say a bracha
Dor L’dor = Generations
Hadar – Zecher – talk, talk, talk
Chanun – kind
Tov Hashem Lakol – everyone & everything

On to פותח את ידך, ומשביע לכל חי רצון –  the students are busy studying the food chain in science. My room is covered with food chain chains. This is a concept they will get and will get excited about.

Chumash – The end of the Perek is fast approaching. The test is on Wednesday. The main focus is על מי נאמר, מי אמר למי, content and a few translations. This will be the subject of my review before teaching the last of the pesukim.

Ivrit: Migdalor

Limudei Kodesh: Shavuos – I asked the students to write everything they know about Shavuos in the following categories:. Minhagim, Names, Special halachos, torah & megillah reading.

Once the students are aware of what they know, I don’t have to reteach old concepts, and they will know when we are learning new material.