May 2 recap

Today was a great day.

The class did this awesome unit about the Civil War where each kid took one historical figure, researched his life and role in the Civil War, wrote journal entries from that perspective and then dressed in costume to present  in a “town hall meeting”

We went on a field trip today to Genessee Country Village & Museum – a living history museum where they recreate life from the 18th and 19th century. As a parent and co-teacher I came along. It was an awesome place.

There was a pioneer homestead where they got to grind corn, carry a yoke, wash dishes and churn butter. They got to watch a potter churn butter.

We tied the trip slightly into limudei kodesh. When the kids picked up the yoke, they said without prompting “I’m pretending to be Esav and I will break the yoke!”  We also discussed how pottery connected to last weeks parsha of metzora.

Trip was not as comprehensive as this one but was cool nonetheless