May 7 recap

Tefillah: Continue with ashrei Dor l Dor. Asked students to think of one thing they learned from a grandparent. Some of the  answers were candy making, baseball. Who taught their grandparents baseball – they said their parents. I asked when baseball was invented – that was a debate was it in the 1800s or during the civil war. I mentioned how we have something that goes back generation to generation, further back than baseball or making candy – The Torah & believing in Hashem. The Torah goes back to Moshe. But believing in Hashem goes back to Avraham. When we say דור לדור it reminds us that we have gotten something that has been passed down for thousands of years

Chumash – This part of the Chumash is very confusing. I gave out a handout to help the students visualize what we were learning.

As we read the pesukim, we illustrated the sheet.

Ivrit/Limudei Kodesh. – I distributed a hebrew story about Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai. I translated all the difficult words on the page and gave out guided questions I split the class into three groups. The first read the text as a group and answered the questions in hebrew, the second read half the story and answered the questions in english. The third group read the story and answered the questions with the help of the teacehr. After reading and answering the questions, each group decided on how they would present soemthing to the class. One group is making a poster and two are making skits.

RT: לב-לה
R: לו-מ