May 8 recap

הדר כבוד הודך, ודברי נפלאתיך אשיחה. ועזוז נוראתיך יאמרו, וגדלתך אספרנה.  זכר רב טובך יביעו, וצדקתך  ירננו…
The splendorous glory of Your power and Your wondrous deeds I shall discuss.
And of Your awesome power they  will speak, and Your greatness I shall relate.
A recollection of Your abundant goodness they will utter and of Your righteousness
they will sing exultantly….

Each of these three lines of Ashrei mentions different ways to communicate out loud. Focus: Why is it so important to vocalize these ideas?
Activity: What are some things that are important to say? Why do you need to say them? What will happen to our opinion if we talk about something positively? Negatively? Relate it back to the main questions

Chumash: Review – the last few pesukim have been very difficult. Review the hard words – specifically names of animals and other words that will appear again.

Each student has a whiteboard and a dry erase marker. I took off the flash cards from the felt hangings and shuffled the cards, and reviewed them one by one orally. I shuffled them again, this time when I held them up, the students had to write the answers on their whiteboards.

The students get very motivated even though it’s drill work. They learn vocabulary words  and I can eyeball who needs help and who doesn’t immediately.
I then asked the kids to go through the next pasuk and write down words they don’t know.
The next few pesukim are not easier

לודֶּרֶךְ שְׁלֹשֶׁת
36  three days’ journey
betwixt himself
the rest


I referenced the above picture when teaching this pasuk which helped a lot.

After recess and library, the students had time to practice and perform their plays about rabbi shimon bar yochai. They got very into making these plays. I have a whole stash of fabric stored in the classroom for these occasions, so they draped themselves to be Romans and Jews. They borrowed various hats from the kindergarten. They each performed their scenes wonderfully and we then spoke about Lag B’Omer