May 9 recap

It’s COLOR WAR. Yellow & Blue. We still had davening and chumash for half a period. The kids lined up their desks into two lines facing each other.

Tefillah: We were up to a great pasuk of Ashrei to give a pep talk for color war.

חנון ורחום ה’ ארך אפים וגדל חסדו. – I talked about how we are supposed to imitate Hashem. The better we act, the bigger we are.
חנון – be a gracious winner or loser –
רחום – help out the weaker kids/kindergarten kids who seem overwhelmed
ארך אפים – if someone annoys or upsets us, we should say over 8 times ארך אפים – I am slow to anger
גדל חסדו – Think big when helping out others – what could they use or need.

The pep talk combined with the stellar middos of my class shone through. During the first game, the yellow team was losing. The 3rd graders on the blue team decided to alternate cheering for the blue and yellow team to be gracious winners!

Chumash – We reviewed some of the pesukim and learned one new pasuk. We acted out the words to make it memorable.