Thursday, May 31 recap

Here are some of the things we did today:

Tefillah: for the new tefillah, one student was the chazzan. He read each phrase, stopping at the comma or the period, then the class repeated it after him. This method really helps with fluency for each new tefilla.
Improve fluency, and have students assume responsibility for tefillah

Chumash: פרק לא: כה-ל   First, the  students filled out the Shorashim and Pronoun column for new pesukim in their linear translation.
Goal: word attack skills, pre teaching knowledge that will stop comprehension the 1st time.
Vayitzei Perek 31b Linear

Then we read the pesukim כד & כה where ה’ told לבן not to speak.
reviewing important information from last time, and creating anticipation for new material.

As we learned the new pesukim, the kids were literally laughing out loud because of how לבן ignored ה’ and cared more about his idols than kids. I read the pesukim dramatically but didn’t add any additional commentary. The pasukim speak for themselves. We concluded with each student filling out their linear translation sheets. Independent Practice.

ivrit: We are working on אותי vs אתי. I tried to have the kids write sentences with these words but they are still unclear about the object pronouns. Guided Practice. We sang a song אותי is me, אותך is you etc. different modality learning. Helps memorization and recall. Using the different objects in hebrew sentences depending on the preposition is a hard concept for the kids. They can translate לי in the chumash but  will write אל אני in their own sentences.

Chayeinu: Yamim Tovim Independent learning, self paced. 

Biography of Rav Yaakov Kaminetsky we are learning about how honest יעקב was so I thought it would be nice to learn about the Gadol who best exemplified this midda – Rav Yaakov Kaminetsky. This was also an opportunity to introduce Rav Shmuel Kaminetzky to the class.  After reading the biography we watch some videos.
rav yaakov

Rav Yaakov zt”l with Rav Moshe zt”l

Rav Shmuel telling a story  about Rav Hyman (go to 4:20 story is 2 minutes)

Rav Shmuel starting off a class (I just showed the first minute to show what it means to be gracious)