Wednesday, May 30

Tefillah – Today, we started saying the first הללוי-ה in Davening. Whenever we learn a new tefilla, we have the same system. For the first few days, I say each phrase in the tefilla, stopping at the commas and periods. Then, the class repeats after me.  For the next two weeks after, each student gets to lead by reading the tefilla in phrases with the class repeating after them. This method really helps with fluency and gives them confidence and pride in their reading.

During Chumash it was Test day!

We had our test, and then set up the classroom for the second half of Perek לא. We did our last PPP – Vayitzei Perek 31b PPP

and set up the felt flash cards on the side of the room.

We then read a story in Migdalor which focused on the difference between אתי  and אותי. The students read the story quietly and then we discussed it. Then the class wrote sentences and also spoke using these words.

Chayeinu – For the next two weeks, we will be reviewing some key sections – we started with Chagim and will move on to Tanach.