Tuesday, May 29

Baruch Hashem, school started at 10. As it was, the kids all staggered in with their post 3-day Yom Tov hangovers. Some had stayed up all night on Motzei Shabbos, all had stayed up for the meals that began at 10. Having school start a little late meant that everyone showed up to school and functioned better than they otherwise would have.

With only one hour of class time, I focused on reviewing half the perek for the test on Wednesday. I gave students a strip of paper and had them cover up the English in their linear. I told them to underline any word they didn’t know in the hebrew. If they didn’t know a word, they should look it up in the English.

After that, they did some independent review work focusing on על מי נאמר, איך כתוב בפסוק, & מי אמר למי