Thursday May 24 – pre Shavuos

Chumash – finished through pasuk 25.

At recess, there was some playground politics about including the younger kids. I asked for input from students who have a rule in their house that they must include their younger siblings how they can do so without fighting. Here were their suggestions:

After recess, we started learning parsha. Each student got an information sheet about all the shevatim,

Shevatim Info

and one flag of a shevet to color. Shevatim Flags

They also got slips of paper and had to make one stick figure per 5,000 men in their shevet. After we all finished, we went to the back of the room and set up the three machanos.

Because it was the day before Shavuos, I asked the students if they wanted to bring home their portfolios so they could review the chumash they learned this year. (After Shavuos, I  found out that one student sat next to his father and  reviewed his chumash on Shavuos night!)